we were sad but now we're rebuilding

Update 1: I actually returned this time

“Also here’s to not making it a full year between blog posts." It’s actually been over 2 years at this point since a real blog post. Almost 2 if you include the non-post I made before Christmas where I lied about making a tutorial on Kolab. I totaled my car, gained some weight, drank beer, played DOOM, bought a bunch of used server gear, lost some weight, switched to Hugo, and now I’m here. But at least my homelab is in good shape now. I’m sick and cooling on some Robotussin right now so I’m just gonna kinda slam the keys for a while until I’m done.

Update 0.5: I never actually returned

edit: I never finished this. I probably won’t ever finish this. I don’t deal with Kolab anymore and I don’t have interest in setting up another server to get everything working. Maybe in the future if anyone still cares, but I dunno. I’ve got a ton of other new projects I’ve been working on for the past 1.5 years. I appreciate the comments from the folks who took time to email me. It’s nice to see that I’m actually able to help take some of the headscratching out of the stuff I’m writing about. I moved to a new template (that I haven’t customized yet…) and am writing new posts.

OBS and NDI: 3 Letter Acronyms Aren't Always A Bad Thing

2019-12-20 - I recently got my hands on a Ryzen chip. I’m going go test how well it works with the stuff below and see if I can’t come up with a better, cheaper ingest machine. I’m curious as to how well that $50 Athalon machine would handle pulling all of this off, as that’d make a strong case for a sub $200 ITX build that could fit in a bookbag and eliminate the need for us having a big tower on stage all the time. I do tech stuff for a thing called SmashErie. Sometimes it’s complicated, usually it isn’t.

CentOS 7 + Kolab: Relatively OOB

2019-12-20 - I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a follow up. Glad to help! I’m finally getting around to writing the follow up posts and they should hopefully be up in a week or two. I signed up to help with hosting a mail server for some friends and I who are starting a local Smash Ultimate tourney. We need to keep up vendor relations and handle sales and things like that, and generally it’s just more attractive to have a personalized email rather than <orgname>@gmail.com. After just a bit of arm twisting, we acquired the domain and started working on getting everything rolling.

nginx + git-http-backend on CentOS 7

2019-01-29 - Fixed a lot of stupid errors. Had too many cups of coffee and lost my ability to proofread apparently. Going to write up a followup post with enabling SSL and installing GitWeb as well. Up until this point, I’ve been using my Guacamole server to SSH in to my web server and edit my posts using Vim. I use VSCode for basically everything else, so it’d be way more convenient to edit my posts in that, and then use git to push them to my server and have Jekyll automatically rebuild the site. Having the option to use HTTP as well as SSH is preferable considering I do a lot of work away from my main laptop, and SSH isn’t always an option.

Update 0: Almost Ready, and Future Plans

It begins. I’m finally getting to a point that I’d consider “ready”. So currently, I have three servers set up as virtualization hosts with XCP-ng. I was planning on using ESXi, but XCP-ng offers me the option to run the latest version on nearly any piece of kit I throw at it without having to worry about version incompatibility and the like. Had I gone with ESXi, I’d have the PE1900 on 4.x and the other two on 5.5, missing out on all the relevant features added in 6.x. Nope. I try to run the PE1900 as little as possible because even with the L5335s I dropped in there, it still slurps power like crazy.