edit: I never finished this. I probably won’t ever finish this. I don’t deal with Kolab anymore and I don’t have interest in setting up another server to get everything working. Maybe in the future if anyone still cares, but I dunno. I’ve got a ton of other new projects I’ve been working on for the past 1.5 years.

I appreciate the comments from the folks who took time to email me. It’s nice to see that I’m actually able to help take some of the headscratching out of the stuff I’m writing about. I moved to a new template (that I haven’t customized yet…) and am writing new posts. I got a new job and have been a little busy between posts with life. But I’ve got a bunch of other crap I’ve been doing that I plan on writing posts about. Also comments will be on in a few days, so feel free to ask me questions or check out the Russian male enhancement supplement spam I’ll be sure to get.